Zabbix on Claudion - ASA connectivity Please do the below configuration for ASA ( On-premise ) SNMP connectivity to Zabbix on claudion cloud server.

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Zabbix Monitoring Part 2 - Zabbix Configuration - YouTube

Connecting ASA, that is on-premise, but there is a VPN tunnel between the premise and the Claudion cloud server with Zabbix installed.

Make sure that the SNMP traffic is allowed between ASA and Zabbix server, UDP port 161 . this is standard port, you can change it to any random port, but protocol should be UDP.

On ASA, please do the following configuration on CLI. For GUI ( ASDM ) , please refer to our previously published document

snmp-server host dmz2 xx.xx.xx.xx community ***** version 2c

no snmp-server location

no snmp-server contact

snmp-server enable traps syslog

snmp-server enable traps ipsec start stop

snmp-server enable traps memory-threshold

snmp-server enable traps interface-threshold

snmp-server enable traps remote-access session-threshold-exceeded

snmp-server enable traps connection-limit-reached

snmp-server enable traps cpu threshold rising

snmp-server enable traps ikev2 start stop

snmp-server enable traps nat packet-discard

If the traffic through a NAT firewall, please make sure the traffic received on ASA is configured for NO-NAT, or do the configuration on ASA accordingly. Please contact us on for any clarification.

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