Newsletter - December 2021

2021 was about recovering from Covid-19 pandemic for the Gulf region, and 2022 will be the year of largest sporting event ever - Fifa2022. Claudion and ERPGulf preparing the companies in the region,

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We have already reached the tail end of the year 2021. The Gulf region has recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic faster than any other region in the world mainly because of the very scientific approach by both government and society. Free and universal vaccination was provided to all the residents and the citizens of the region, and it prevented another wave of the pandemic.

Dubai Expo this year was a tremendous success, with millions of visitor flocks in from around the globe. Both the business community and tourists have enjoyed the event wholeheartedly. Qatar also had several events this year which included Formula-1 and Fifa Arab cup 2021, which is still going on.

For Claudion and ERPGulf, this year has been the year of innovation and expansion. ERPGulf has upgraded all of its client installations to ERPNext version-13, and when we are writing this letter, ERPNext already released version 13.15.1 and we are in the process of upgrading all our servers.

Claudion is building a new portal for its clients, on which they can easily manage their cloud servers, schedule backups, monitor events and performances of their servers. ERPGulf launched E-Invoicing for Saudi Arabia, VAT implementation of Bahrain this year.

We are back in offices after one and a half years of work-from-home, and the team is enjoying the post-Covid working environment.

2022 is going to witness the biggest event region Fifa-2022. There has never been a greater excitement for a sporting event ever, and we at Claudion helping all our clients to expand the Cloud infrastructure for the event.

As a company founded and built by Linux enthusiasts and consultants, team Claudion celebrated 30 years of Linux this year. Claudion started providing hosting services for multiple Linux distros, like Alma Linux and Rocky Linux for the companies in Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

We have added more programmers, testing teams, and engineers for both ERPGulf and Claudion, and started a development center in India this year. We are also planning to start a support center in Cairo, Egypt next year.

We are grateful to all our clients and customers for the trust they bestowed upon us throughout our journey. Looking forward for continued support in 2022 as well.

Team Claudion


Team ERPGulf

Team Claudion

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