How to configure SendGrid email service on ERPNext

It's important to have an Email service configured on ERPNext / ERPGulf for sending outbound emails. Sendgrid is the most popula email service, and it is free upto 100 email per day.

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Send grid configuration

Step 1: Create an account with

Step 2 : COnfigure API Key  inside sendgrid portal


ERPNext confgiration for sendgrid.

1- Open settings. -> Email accounts.

2- Click on notifications.

3- On service - select SendGrid.

4- Password - ( enter API Key you have entered on SendGrid portal )

5- Tick on "Use different login"  and endter "apikey"

6- Click on "Default Outgoing"

7- Make sure you have the following settings

You are set for outgoing email. if you are facing any problem with that please send email to

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Srihariharaan S August 21, 2023

How to configure incoming mails?

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